We wish we could put all our pet guests here but space is limited so we will be updating on a regular basis - check back now and then to see more of our friends!

I just wanted to thank you for taking such great care of Leelo. Ever since we brought him back from your home, his health has been great. His stool has been just perfect. We are very fortunate to have found such a great sitter, he is looking forward for his stay in July! :)
Anisha, Nik, Leelo 

Those are the cutest pictures ever! And YES, they even gave me a smile and  good giggle!!! God I LOVE my dog! Haha! Listen, Im planning on two trips next week. Let me know if you have those openings for me! It would be fantastic! You are the greatest babysitter ever! I wish I could bring my horsey over too!! You would love him too! :)  Normen and Marie, Edmonton

Thanks for the all the emails and pics, they are cute! When we brought home the dogs, pretty much from the moment we got home, they slept all day and night, just woke up to eat supper and go outside, even slept til 10:30 this morning, They must have done alot of playing and were wiped right out, lol.  Again, thanks for taking such great care of them and we will see you again on Wed.
Hope you're enjoying your bed to yourself, lol. 
Robin, Cosmo & Furby, Edmonton

We just wanted to send an email thanking you again for taking such great care of Jaxen!  He was all tuckered out yesterday and we cuddled all night!  We will keep in touch, and hopefully we will be able to set up some sleepovers when Normen is there so they can play!
Thanks again!  We will talk to you soon!
Amber, Evan, and Jaxen;), Edmonton

Thank you so much for taking care of Ninzi. We appreciate all your time in sending photos and emails. It gave us the opportunity to enjoy our holiday knowing that our fur baby was well cared for! Sincerely Nikki and Elmor, Fort McMurray

Thank you for taking such great care of our furry kids while we were gone! It was so nice to receive all your emails and pics of them both having a fun time playing and romping with your pups. We are looking forward to bringing Jake and Cisco back in August, and perhaps sooner?? Thinking of a trip to Van in May but will let you know. Take care and thanks again, the pups love it at your place!
Leona & Bill, Edmonton

Thank you for taking such very good care of Kaska while we were away. He came home a very tired and happy boy. We will see you in July!   Fran, Edmonton

Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I'm glad that Cosmo had such a good time at your house and enjoyed playing with your puppies. Thank you also for taking such good care of him while we were away.
Irene, Edmonton

Thank you for the pictures and for the email.  We were very happy that Casey and Joey had a great time with you and your dogs!  We know they can be a handful, but both Kevin and I felt that you had a true love for dogs and were very happy that we left them in your care.
We will be sure to pass along your cards to our friends and we will absolutely bring Joey and Casey back for a visit very soon!!  They look like they had a blast!!!
Thanks again for everything!!!
Casey, Joey, Tara & Kevin, Edmonton 

Wow, the furkids slept a whole day away when we got them home, tired but happy campers!  lol  Thank you for being so loving and caring with them, we really appreciate the care and attention you gave them while we were away.  We'll be bringing them back next month as we'll be in the city for a few days - can you take them Feb 14 - 17?  Let me know.  Thanks.  Frizzy, Hanna & Sandra, Whitecourt

 Ha HA HA!!! Wow......... I think Charlie had more fun on his vacation
then we did! I am very glad that he enjoyed his visit. Thank you very
much for the pictures, We are going away again in May so will see you then.  

Jason, Thane & Charlie, Edmonton

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