Maddie - a wonderful little girl - so friendly and affectionate! 


We provide dog-sitting services 24/7, 365 days a year for 2 -3 small to medium-sized dogs only (up to 30 pounds). Our pet sitting services is exclusive for dogs only; we do not pet sit other types of pets. 

Your pet will be cared for by responsible pet-sitters in an adult family home.  We are former CKC breeders, professionally trained and certified in canine CPR/First Aid, with years of hands-on experience and professional knowledge in the care of dogs. We are committed to providing excellent care for the pets that stay with us.

Your pet will always be in safe hands and supervised at all times. Why take a chance with your precious pet? While some dogs are able to mingle well with larger dogs, we believe your pet will feel comfortable and experience less anxiety when boarded with dogs of a similar size, especially when they are boarding with other pets who are unfamiliar to them. There is also less chance of accidental injury while playing with other pets who are relatively the same in size and stature.

Specialized feeding and oral/anal medical administration is provided free of charge. (We do not provide injections).

Upon request, we can email you while you are away. Our clients tell us that it's very assuring to receive updates about their pets and we love to send them!

Our home is completely pet friendly.  With your permission, pets may sleep on beds, couches or on the many pet beds/doggy cushions we provide. We do not crate or kennel our pet guests unless we are asked.

Pets will enjoy playing safely in our fully secure back yard, with a 6-foot fence that is locked and only allows access from our home. During the summer months we fill the yard with doggie swimming pools to splash in, tunnels to run through, as well as cool, shaded spots for a snooze or a rest between games of "tag". We are usually in the yard with them to provide a human element for play and interaction. In the winter we snow-blow paths in the snow so pets may enjoy playing hide n seek, or just to take a little run through the maze.

Weather permitting, and depending on your pet, we take daily walks around the park that surrounds our community. We never walk "off-leash" to ensure your pet's safety.

We have many comfortable pillows and dog beds throughout our home that your dog may use, but if you wish, you may bring a small kennel if your pet prefers to sleep in it at night, a small dog bed or pillow. All eating and drinking bowls are provided unless you wish to bring your own.

Spaces are limited so please try to book in advance to ensure a space for your pet(s).

Requirements - Important - Please Read. Thank you!

Food and Equipment:  Please bring enough food for the duration of your pet's stay, a leash, collar or harness and perhaps a favorite treat.

Please Note: If you are feeding your pet(s) home-cooked meals that contain meat, fish, chicken or any animal product as a daily diet, we cannot accept pre-cooked meals from you for health/contamination safety. We will, however, be happy to follow a simple recipe and cook your pet's food fresh every day. You will have to provide the ingredients and recipe.

Toys:  We do not encourage bringing any stuffed toys or any favorite toys that could be destroyed by chewing, unless you are prepared to not have them returned intact. (Some of our pets literally love to chew the stuffing out of them!)

Toilet Habits:  All pets should be trained to go outside or use pee pads for toilet purposes. We will provide the pee pads.  (Our pee pads are "non-chewable", safe and sanitary for your pet.)   We will accept a pet that is partially housetrained but an added fee of $5.00 per day will be required to cover the cost of cleaning supplies and cleanup. 

Non-neutered/spayed Pets:  We will accept pets that are not neutered or spayed, depending on what other pets we have staying with us at the time.  There is an added fee of $5.00 per day for pets not neutered or spayed. 

Health:  Pets must be cleanly groomed, current vaccinations up to date, healthy and have had no contagious or communicable illness 30 days prior to visiting with us.  A copy of your pet's current vaccination status will be required.

Restrictions:  We will not board any dog that demonstrates excessive aggression towards another pet or person. No exceptions. The safety and well-being of your pet is always our first concern.

Information:  A Pet Profile form is provided to pet owners for all of our pet guests. We will email the form to you which we request you fill out and bring with you when you bring your pet to stay with us.

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